Class Programs

We provide the following classes. I do not require contracts. We agree to pay within the first week of the month to get one month of training. This way, if you decide this Kung Fu is not for you, you are not tied into a yearly contract.


Limited to 1-2 students (or more if a family is training). Private lessons allow me to focus solely on you and what you need to develop to learn this Kung Fu. Each class we will review what we did the week before, review corrections, learn a new drill, and do two-man exercise(s). I tailor my teaching to what the students want to learn or to what they want to get out of the Kung Fu (for some folks it’s self-defense, some want to build up strength, some just want to learn Kung Fu). Most of the classes are private lessons. Over the years I’ve learned that this is a more efficient use of my and the students’ time.

1x/week at $120/month


Focus on Level 1 and Level 2 training drills for this system. Group class allows you to mingle with other students and also more experienced students to help advance your Kung Fu. Currently we have group class two times a week.

2x/week at $60/month.

Kids program

Currently I have two kids’ classes, both on Mondays. One class is 5-8 year olds and the class is limited to 4 students. The reason for this is I’m interested in teaching the children, not correcting their behavior. Students should be able to control their behavior in a learning environment. This means: able to follow instructions, able to stop talking when asked, able to stand still when needed, etc. We focus on short drills and short motions to develop eye hand coordination, proper body structure, and balance. Kids should have fun and enjoy themselves while not being disruptive to other students. Here is a great measurement: if your child misbehaves in school and home they will most likely misbehave here. If that’s the case I can’t give much instruction if I’m correcting their behavior, which will lead to the child not learning Kung Fu and ultimately quitting. Children can learn patience, balance, the value of hard work or practice, and coordination.

The second class is 9-13 year olds. We do more advanced Kung Fu, weapons, and two-man drills. Class size is limited to 8 children. Most kids in this class came from the earlier 5-8 year old class.

Mondays (5-8 year olds) 4:30pm-5:30pm $50/month

Mondays (9-13 year olds) 5:30pm-6:30pm $50/month

Chi Kung

Chi Kung means breath work. Use your breath coordinated with movement to increase your health. Chi Kung is known to regulate blood pressure, increase oxygen flow in the body, regulate asthma, and slow down the aging process. This program is for people who have little to no experience with Chi Kung. Class will cover standing and sitting meditations, small and large circle breathing, basic motions, and the philosophy behind Chi Kung. This is a 8 week course, payment due prior to or on the first class.

1xweek - $50/month