About Sifu Pete Scheers

Sifu Pete Scheers is the head teacher for the St. Louis Branch School of the Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy:

I began training the Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu system in Trenton, New Jersey under Sifu Russell Chell, an Enter the Gate Student of Grandmaster Henry Yee.

While in New Jersey, I worked at a maximum security facility for the criminally insane. After receiving a Master’s degree from Boston University in 1997, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri, my wife’s hometown, and began teaching and promoting this style of Kung Fu. From 1997-99 I taught in my garage and by 1999 I had enough dedicated students to open our first commercial school at 6132 Southwest Ave. After two years, we moved to our current location a little further down the street to 5828 Southwest Ave.

In 2001, I became an Enter the Gate Student and in 2014 a Disciple of Grandmaster Henry Yee.

Over the years many of my students have attended Grandmaster Yee’s annual Student Reunion and tested successfully in advancing their Kung Fu. We don’t do many tournaments but often my students will do well in forms and sparring.

For more information about Grandmaster Yee go to www.ckfa.com